GMP-compliant document centralization solution for pharmaceutical factories
Start Smart Factory, Docupro for GMP

Docupro for GMP Through SOP process management, compliance with GMP regulations,
It is an electronic document management system for efficient operation of documents.

  • Process
    Global standard document
  • GMP
  • Productivity
    Automation of work
    (Audit Trail)
  • Standard
    standard processes
Compliance with integrated regulatory requirements

GxP support enables global industry entry, low cost
Establish / realize infrastructure system that can meet international
regulatory requirements

Improve management efficiency

Document LifeCycle Manage and improve quality through
processes Enhance document security, Document access right
setting and history management, loss against paper document
management, prevention of loss, etc.

Change in business paradigm

Sustainable standard process management can speed up your work,
prevent retrospective and random modification of documents,
and browse without space / time constraints on required documents.

Reduce cost

Process standardization and optimization, cost savings through
paperless implementation