GMP-compliant document centralization solution for pharmaceutical factories
Start Smart Factory, Docupro for GMP

Docupro for GMP Through SOP process management, compliance with GMP regulations,
It is an electronic document management system for efficient operation of documents.

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Standard ECM engine based system

Prevent random downloading and leakage by setting
document access right and history management, preventing
loss and loss due to paper management

Docupro is GMP Compliance System

Perform real-time settlement of payment of SOP, validation, and
manufacturing records, which are documents managed by
GMP that changes rapidly, online

Convenient integrated search

You can search the text of the document by folder, category,
and tag by using Wiseolr integrated search engine

Manage content integration

Various metadata types such as document storage, version
management, and history management can be managed
according to various types of policies for each organization,
and policy management and relationship management between
documents can be performed

Content management according to
international standards

Provides the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of a document,
from creation to retirement. Complies with the CMIS standard
specification, which is an international standard.

Based on proven Alfresco

Developed based on Alfresco, a global open source content
management system used by more than 3,000 companies in
180 countries worldwide

Workflow-based centralized system

Workflow-based electronic approval allows review and approval
without time / space restrictions

  • GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) :
    Global standard for pharmaceutical manufacturing management
  • Contents Management Interoperability Service (CMIS):
    Service standards that an application can use to manipulate content stored
    in the repository
Manufacturing Units Occur per 1Batch
Reduced turnaround time.
Maximum yearly
30% reduction in
production cost
  • Monthly average 10Batch production plant can produce 13Batch after using EDMS for GMP.(30% reduction in production cost)
Document management occurs during distribution
Automatically records everything.
Real time

  • By monitoring various issues occurring in document distribution by time unit (processing time, delay time), it is possible to diagnose problems in various production processes by deriving the bottleneck occurrence section